Holiday to Bandung

Read this text carrefully, after read this text please translate into Indonesian languages into good paragraph too….

Towards Idul Fitri day, my parents took me and my sister to the Bandung is called with “The Flower City” to visit our uncle there.

It has been a long time we didn’t see the beautiful view of Bandung city. Once my parents live there for almost 15 years.

the journey to the Bandung city took along 3 hour trough toll road from Jakarta to Cikampek, then into Purwakarta toll road, and directly to the Bandung city. During the journey, we saw how beauiful was the view of rice-field, garden, and houses. Passed Purwakarta, I saw the train rail was built by Holland colony which still reman-strength.

Arrived in the Bandung city, I passed streets which no so crowded but fun almost one hour rounding. At least we arrived to our uncle’s house at Buah Batu.

In the morning, I walked arround and tasted the Bandung special food that is chicken forage, bajigur, bandrek, pete plus lalapan. Almost three days, I enjoyed the beautiful city of Bandung and I didn’t realize that the holiday was over and time to go back to school.

after packing and prepare to go bak to the Jakarta, my dad was checking and preparing the car’s condition and then we go back to the Jakarta. And we aren’t forget to bring many some food and beverages.

The journey I passed to the Jakarta didn’t pass toll road. We started from Cimahi to the Padalarang and Purwakarta. There are many beautiful views a long my trip to back to the Jakarta. There are many street passed by trailers and containers caused the vehicles moved slow and make the traffic was jam for a while.

That’s all my journey to the Bandung city is known as “The Flower Ciy”.

 Written by Celsabi Priciera Ghaena, 5th grade of State Elementary School of Karet 05 Pagi, Setiabudi Dictrict, South Jakarta

Don’t ever using transtool like a google translate because you will be given 0 (zero) for this task….
Good luck.

(please collect this task  at English Language programme, Nopember 10th 2011) 


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