Go to The Ragunan Zoo

Someday, I go to the Ragunan zoo with my father, my mother, my young sister, and my young brother. I go there by TransJakarta Busway. There, my father buy some tickets in the loced.

In that zoo, I see some monkeys, giraffes, crocodiles, elephants, deers, snakes, lions, tigers, zebras, tapirs, etc. In the bird’s cage, we see many birds there like an owl, an eagle, a crow, bird of paradise, myna, pigeon, sparrow, peacock, ostrich, quail, woodpecker, parrot, parakeet, cockatoo, swallow, and stork.

After we go to see many birds in the bird’s cage, we go to the schmutzer primate center. In there, we see some gorillas. The gorillas is big and strong but the gorillas is kind. After it, I and my father take some photos with gorillas statue. Then, we see some baboons, simpanses, and orang utans.

After we satisfied see many animals in the zoo, we go back to the home. We go back home by a taxi. We feel so glad go there and someday, I want to go there again with my family or my cousins or my friends, because go to the zoo is so attracting.

 I like zoo because the zoo has many animals, like girafe. My favorite animal is giraffe is tall and the giraffe same with me.

This is some story from Aisyah Nadifa Syahidah, 5th grade of State Elementary School of Karet 05 Pagi, Setiabudi District, South Jakarta.


About muhammad fajri

manusia hidup untuk berusaha, dengan berusaha manusia akan hidup dan dengan berusaha pula manusia akan dapat menghidupi dirinya sendiri dan orang lain

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