Here you will read some story, use your dictionary to translate some word that you don’t know. You can ask to your brother or sister about this story.

Ok, selamat menikmati….



Once upon a time, there were three bears, Father bear, Mother bear, and Baby bear. They lived in a house in the middle of wood.

One morning, they made porridge for breakfast. It was too hot and the bears couldn’t eat it. So, they went for walk in the woods while the porridge was cooling.

Just then, a little girl, called Goldilocks went into the bears’ house. Goldilocks taste the porridge and ate it all up. Then, she sat on a little chair. But it broke into a hundred pieces. Next, Goldilocks laid down on a little bed. She fell fast a sleep.

When the three bears came home to have breakfast, Baby bear said “Someone has been eating my porridge and has eaten it all up!”, Someone has been sitting in may chair and it’s all broken!” When the Baby bear went upstair and saw his little bed, He said “Someone has been sleeping in my bed and she’s still here!”.

The Babby bear’s voice woke up Goldilocks. She jumped out of the bed and ran down the stairs and out of the front door as fast as she could. And Goldilocks never went back to the bears’ house again.

(Adapted from Storytelling with Children, 2000)

After you read the story, please answer this question!

1. If you are the Baby bear, what will you say when you meet Goldilocks again?

2. What do you think about Goldilocks?

3. Please translate the story al least 5 sentences from the story!

4. Good luck!!!



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