at the flower store

Please check and read carrefully this dialogue, use your dictionary to translate this dialogue….

This morning Mrs. Smith will buy some red rose to her daughter, because today her  daughter has pass her exam and get the best score in her class. So, Mrs. Smith will give her daughter some congratulate for her.

Seller             : Good morning, can I help you Mrs?

Mrs. Smith  : Good morning, it’s lovely day, I want to buy some red rose to my daughter. Could you help me?

Seller             : Oh, sure. Let’s follow me! I will show you many beautiful red rose

Mrs. Smith  : Ok. let’s go….

(they’re go inside the flower store and see many flower collection inside the that store)


Seller             : Here’s many red rose I promise Mrs.!

Mrs. Smith  : Woow…. It’s very beautiful flower I’ve ever seen…

Seller             : Are you sure….??? How about this (sambil menunjukkan seikat bunga)

Mrs. Smith  : Ok… I will buy this flower. How much this?

Seller             : It’s ten thousand rupiah for you. If you buy three flower I will give you 25% discount only for you Mrs.

Mrs. Smith  : Ok, I will buy it three…. Here’s I pay three flower.

Seller             : Ok, Mrs. thank so much, I hope you will enjoy this day, and I wait for your invite tomorrow.

Mrs. Smith  : Ok. see you….

After you read the dialogue, please do this order one by one. Once more, you can use your dictionary and ask to your classmate.

1. Please answer this questions!

  • Who will buy some red rose f or her daughter?
  • What her thinking about the red rose she’ve ever seen?
  • What seller says when Mrs. Smith go inside the store?
  • Selamat mengerjakan…..

2. Please translate the dialogue using a dictionary, (don’t be ever using a google translate and other, because you’ll get a zero score)

3. After translate the dialogue, practice the dialogue with your friend, one as Mrs. Smith and other as seller!

4. The last please show your dialogue with your friend in front of the class in the next meet (first week at February)


—  Good luck


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manusia hidup untuk berusaha, dengan berusaha manusia akan hidup dan dengan berusaha pula manusia akan dapat menghidupi dirinya sendiri dan orang lain

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