TeacherMate HandHeld Computers System

What if you could afford to provide a handheld computer to every K-2 student that would differentiate instruction, align to your core reading and math curriculum, and engage even your hardest-to-reach students?

Differentiated Instruction. You know how important it is to individualize instruction for your students, but you also know how challenging it is.   With large class sizes, no aide, a handful of restless students and not enough time, differentiated instruction is much easier said than done.

Now imagine having a handheld computer for every student in the classroom, with activities that not only cover all beginning reading and math skills, but also precisely aligns with what is being taught that week in the classroom.

Imagine having a tool that provides an individualized lesson plan for each student and delivers up-to-the-minute student progress reports based on data automatically uploaded from the handheld computers.

Imagine a device so engaging, it will keep students focused on learning throughout the entire school year.

Imagine a computer learning system that is as easy to use as a set of workbooks.

Welcome to the TeacherMate Handheld Computer System.
Differentiated instruction made easy. Engaging technology made affordable.

The TeacherMate reading activities cover all areas of beginning reading instruction including phonics, spelling, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Students record their voice reading hundreds of fully illustrated leveled readers available in both English and Spanish.

The TeacherMate math activities provide engaging math facts practice as well as scaffolded learning of key math concepts including number sequence, addition, length measurements, temperature, scales, fractions, coins and dollars, time, and geometric shapes.

Our nonprofit mission is to make technology affordable for all K-2 classrooms.  We offer the TeacherMate System for a one-time, everything-included cost of $100 per student. A classroom can be fully equipped with all hardware and software for a complete 1:1 computing solution for around $2500. Our TeacherMate System can be purchased as a learning center for as little as $400 per classroom.

This article has taken from http://www.innovationsforlearning.org/about_teachermate.php


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